OVHC Committee

About the OVHC Committee

The OVHC Committee coordinates and promotes Heritage Week, and runs some key events, including:

  • Garden Party

  • Grand Street Parade and Photo Opportunity

  • Heritage Bicycle Races

  • Fashion Show

  • Ceilidh


We also work with groups that want to run their own events during Heritage Week – concerts, dances, train rides, lectures, exhibits, etc.  


We’d like to recruit new Committee members who can learn how things work, so that they can step up in future years. The main qualification needed is to be keen to help create a memorable week. 

Time commitment is to attend meetings (usually monthly, more often as needed).  Between meetings, Committee members work on whatever tasks they have agreed to as part of their role.


 Required roles as per the committee rules:



  • Provide leadership and oversight for the Celebrations

  • Communication of Committee activities

  • Oversee smooth planning and delivery of the Celebrations


  • Running effective meetings

  • Media relations

  • Good communication skills




  • Meeting minutes

  • Correspondence, including email

  • Record-keeping

  • Keeping up-to-date member records


  • Minute-taking

  • Email management (including forwarding and follow-up)

  • Electronic document management, using Google Workplace




  • Budget preparation

  • Banking (including online banking)

  • Financial reporting (monthly and annual)

  • Coordinate preparation of grant requests and funding requests


  • Gathering, reconciling and analysing financial information

  • Financial record-keeping

  • Understanding of reporting requirements

Officer Roles

These roles are not required by our Rules, but help the Committee function smoothly.  They are flexible and change according to our needs.  These roles can be shared, or delegated to OVHC members outside the Committee. 


Key tasks

  • Contribute to planning and delivery of the annual programme

  • Help to maintain the long-term sustainability of the OVHC

  • As necessary, investigate issues and advise the Committee on options



  • Able to assist with running events, as per the annual plan

  • Completing assigned tasks, as agreed 

  • Sharing ideas and finding options

Events Coordinator


  • Liaise with associated groups to gather and share information on plans

  • Develop the annual OVHC events programme

  • Contribute to advertising and promotion plans, as agreed


  • Documenting and communicating the planned events programme

  • Resolving any scheduling issues or other concerns

  • Good computer skills

Social Media Coordinator

Key tasks

  • Update Facebook, OVHC Web site, Instagram and other social media

  • Contribute to an annual communications plan


  • Adding, updating and removing content on various social media platforms

  • Writing regular brief, engaging messages

  • Good spelling and punctuation

  • Good computer skills, including use of Google Workplace


Community Liaison

Key tasks

  • Act as OVHC contact person for WDC Council, local businesses, community groups and service groups

  • Share information, and obtain full information to answer questions


  • Communication skills

  • Networking